Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA)

EPS Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

CIGA is an independent agency with its own secretariat that provides independent 25 year guarantees covering cavity wall insulation.

It is governed by a council of ‘System Designers’ (who supply the insulation material) and registered installers, with support from trade associations and Government bodies.

Before installation begins, a CIGA registered installer will carry out a pre-installation assessment to ensure that the property is suitable for Cavity Wall Insulation.

The installation of the insulation will then be completed at a mutually convenient time according to stringent technical standards laid down by CIGA.

Once the work is finished and final payment has been received the installer will apply to CIGA for a Guarantee, and a certificate will be sent directly to you.

The Guarantee should be kept safely, as it may need to be produced in the event of a claim or if you sell the property, since the Guarantee is also available to subsequent owners of the property.

The CIGA Guarantee covers defects in materials or workmanship, and in the event of a problem CIGA’s technical department is there to help.

Kinnell Eco

EPS Kinnell Eco

Kinnell Eco is a trading name of Warranty Services Ltd, which was formed in 2000 and is one of the UK’s leading providers of insurance backed guarantees. We support not only the Cavity Wall Insulation market but also Government led ECO schemes.

We provide a 25-year ECO appropriate guarantee, which covers the insolvency of both the system provider and installer, against defects due to materials and workmanship.

Kinnell Eco thoroughly vet all members in terms of solvency, ensuring members written guarantee meet our requirements and that the members also meet the standard of PAS2030 throughout their membership with Kinnell Eco.

Applying for an appropriate guarantee is straightforward: on agreement of the contract you will be given access to our systems and all we require is for all jobs to be logged and on completion mark the job as complete on the system. Payment is then collected and the policy issued to your customer and a contractor copy is always available for your records.

The policy is also transferable to subsequent owners of the property.

Kinnell Eco will carry out spot checks on a sample of jobs registered with us to ensure the high standards of works are installed to suitable properties as per the system provider’s specification.