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Recycling post-construction EPS

Post-construction EPS recycling route is opened

A new avenue for demolition contractors to recycle EPS has been set up by the BPF EPS Group.

Thirty or forty years ago cold stores and food processing units were frequently built with steel faced panels using EPS or other plastic foams to provide insulation. As many of these are now reaching the end of their useful life they are being replaced. This presents a challenge to the responsible demolition contractor who wishes to recycle the materials.

Now members of the BPF EPS Group have agreed to take back the EPS cores of these panels and recycle them. David Thompsett, technical advisor to the BPF EPS Group, explains: “Once the steel facing is stripped off, the internal EPS core can be recycled into other products while the steel facings can be recycled by the demolition contractor through the normal channels.

“If the material is reasonably clean and uncontaminated, there are six five in the UK which will take the material free of charge and recycle it into insulation board.

“I would recommend contacting the nearest site to discuss your requirements,” adds Thompsett.

    Participating sites:


    Chelmsford, Essex


    Glossop, Derbyshire