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UK’s top manufacturers and producers of EPS sign code of practice and professional commitment to customers

The British Plastic Federation’s EPS members, supplying EPS to industries ranging from construction and civil engineering to packaging and insulation, have signed up to a commitment to product excellence, technical and professional standards and the highest levels of customer care.

The BPF says the move follows consultation with stakeholders and associated industry bodies and will act as a reassurance of production and service standards at all times. As signatories to the new code of practice, members are assigned a unique member code and allowed to display the membership badge on all materials including technical and sales literature, vehicle liveries and web site information.

“I believe this is a significant step which commits our responsible members to maintain the highest standards from production quality to customer care”

David Emes, Chairman, EPS Group (expanded polystyrene, airpop)

David Emes

Chairman, EPS Group

David Emes, Chairman of the BPF EPS group, said “Described by one national stakeholder as ‘definitely a proactive move forward’, I believe this is a significant step which commits our responsible members to maintain the highest standards from production quality to customer care. Whilst these companies operate in diverse customer sectors from construction and building insulation to product packaging, they have agreed a common set of principles of quality, service and trust which stands them apart. Effectively, this is a ‘contract of care’ in everything they do and any company requiring EPS or EPS products can feel comfortable in seeking advice and support from one of the members listed on our official web site.”

The British Plastics Federation is the UK’s leading trade authority in plastics design, technical advancement and manufacture. Members of the EPS Group include: processors and converters of EPS; raw material suppliers; suppliers of EPS processing, manufacturing and auxiliary equipment and recyclers of EPS.

The Code covers eleven key operational areas from accuracy of technical and marketing information to training and contractor standards, assessments and compliance to regulatory and industry requirements – as well as a commitment to recycling.

David Emes said “This is a commitment with teeth. We have a strict disciplinary code which carries the risk of expulsion and a recourse to legal action where regulatory or statutory obligations have not been met. We are determined that the UK EPS industry provides a world-class resource and service quality to its customers through membership of our group.”

The move also coincides with the adoption by the UK group of a new Europe-wide branding for Expanded Polystyrene which is now being marketed across all applications as airpop® engineered air.