The BPF Expanded Polystyrene Group
EPS is 98% air
EPS is 100% recyclable


Enhanced Construction details

New Enhanced Construction details available from the EPS Group expanded polystyrene airpop
New Enhanced Construction details available from the EPS Group
Enhanced Constructions Details from the EPS Expanded Polystyrene Group

The most advanced ‘enhanced’ grey EPS formulation now offers the opportunity to achieve the lowest lambda values using these new robust construction details endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. With its BRE ‘A-plus’ rating, EPS is the best choice for under-floor, between-floor, walling and roofing applications where it gives a constant insulation value across the full service life of a building.

EPS also comes closest of any modern building material to fulfilling the 60-year performance life target set by the UK Building Regulations. When it comes to insulation, EPS stands for Economy, Performance and Sustainability.

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  • Comprehensive enhanced construction details for EPS insulation in masonry build projects
  • Available soon from the EPS group members listed on our website
  • Endorsed by Energy Saving Trust and BRE
  • Enhanced thermal bridging performance
  • Helps achieve full compliance with Part L Building Regulations