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Tom Dixon chooses EPS... again

The EPS Group is delighted to announce its latest collaboration with leading UK designer, Tom Dixon.
Tom Dixon designed chairs made wholly from EPS expanded polystyrene airpop

Tom Dixon designed chairs made wholly from EPS

The EPS Group, a member of the British Plastics Federation, represents the companies that mould EPS (expanded polystyrene) for the packaging and construction sectors.

Joint Chairman, Richard Lee: “Having worked with Tom Dixon previously on the iconic EPS chair that was given away in Trafalgar Square in 2006, we were delighted to be approached by Tom in his role of creative director of the 100% Design and Detail Exhibition.

“Plastics in general have taken a hard bashing this year, so it is rewarding and stimulating for us to work with a designer of Tom’s outstanding calibre, who troubles to find out the facts about all materials, and who understands the role that plastics can play in our sustainable future.”

For Tom Dixon, working with the EPS Group fitted in with his vision for 100%: “One of our aims in the creative direction of 100% is to stimulate designers and architects by showing materials – new and existing ones – in new ways.

“Our collaboration with the British Plastics Federation’s EPS [expanded polystyrene] Group is a key part of this attitude.”

All the EPS used in these installations will be returned to the factory of origin and be fully recycled.

Dixon has taken EPS and used it to create key elements within the 100% arena, he explains: “EPS will be a unifying theme material throughout the 100% exhibition. We are using large blocks of EPS as plinths for our object trail which will create a design narrative throughout the exhibition.

“Huge trail-finding sign posts will be cut out of EPS to help visitors find their way around and our media tables for all publications featured at 100% will be hewn from monolithic blocks of EPS.

“Lastly, we are creating a unique construction using EPS as the building block material to act as a backdrop for 100% Futures, creating a dedicated space for young, innovative and fresh designers. All the EPS used in these installations will be returned to the factory of origin and be fully recycled.”

Phillip Cheshire, Joint Chair of the EPS Group, comments: “It is great for us to be able to showcase EPS at this leading design exhibition that is attended by so many architects and designers.

“EPS can provide a very positive solution for the construction sector, it is an environmentally A+ rated construction product by the Building Research Establishment, which can provide outstanding insulation for use in buildings of all shapes and sizes.”

Tom Dixon agrees that EPS has a key role to play: “In the current landscape where economy in raw materials is increasingly paramount, EPS has a unique role to play.

“Its insulating abilities put it in the forefront of the battle to insulate new buildings and its lightweight nature helps to reduce fuel consumption when it is transported.”