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Leading design book selects EPS chair

EPS expanded polystyrene airpop chair giveaway at Trafalgar Square

EPS chair giveaway at Trafalgar Square

The EPS chair designed by Tom Dixon is to be featured in Process, a book by Jennifer Hudson

Process aims to explain the creative, technical and production processes behind some of the most technically or conceptually innovative designs from the last two years.

Items are selected for Process that are significant for:

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Unorthodox or complex production process
  • Use of innovative materials or for traditional materials adapted in new and unexpected ways
  • Creative concept behind them

“We are very pleased that the EPS chair has been selected to be featured in Process. The book is aimed at students and professional designers and will help in our campaign to make designers more aware of the tremendous potential and versatility of EPS as a material to work with,” says Tony Pruchniewicz, Chairman, EPS Packaging Group.

Laurence King Publishing will publish the book in Spring next year. The format is paperback 28.8cm x 23.5cm with 240 pages.