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EPS design competition at 100% Futures 2008

EPS Design Competition Winner at 100% Futures

The winner of the EPS (expanded polystyrene) Design Competition, Daniela Nicola, is exhibiting her winning concept on stand N94 in 100% Futures.

The judges were impressed by the way Daniela’s design combined innovation with practicality and demonstrated a good understanding of the material and how its characteristics can be used.

Winner of the EPS expanded polystyrene airpop design competitino at 100% Futures

Winner of the EPS design competitino at 100% Futures

“I think this is a great idea,” enthused Michael Sodeau. “It provides a new solution to an old problem; while creating exciting new opportunities for gardeners to add creative design into their garden.”

The EPS Design Competition received 50 entries from designers all over the world, including from Brazil, Georgia, Mexico, Italy and the US. Chairman of the EPS Packaging Group, Richard Lee says: “The standard of all the entries was incredibly high; it made selecting one winner very difficult.

Sketch of he EPS expanded polystyrene airpop design competition at 100% Futures

Sketch of he EPS design competition at 100% Futures

“Luckily the judges were unanimous that the Aquapods demonstrated innovation, good design and practicality. One of our member manufacturers has been working closely with Daniela to make the pods and we hope visitors to 100% will be intrigued to see EPS used in such an unusual and interesting way.

“EPS is an extremely versatile material – it can be cut into any shape and moulded to different densities and strengths. It is completely inert, 100% recyclable and, being 98% air, it is incredibly lightweight, a great insulator, buoyant and has a small carbon footprint.

“We hope that the design community will consider using EPS for new and interesting applications and that seeing Daniela’s imaginative concept will inspire others to see the extraordinary potential of EPS.”