EPS Design

EPS design competition at 100% Futures 2007

EPS Design Competition Winners on Show at 100% Futures

The winning designs of the EPS (expanded polystyrene) Design Competition were showcased on a beautiful stand, created entirely from EPS, by well-known UK designer, Michael Sodeau at the 100% Futures (part of the world-famous 100% Design exhibition at Earls Court, 20-23 September 2007) exhibition.

Each prototype was manufactured by one of the member companies of the EPS Packaging Group working closely with the designer to create a viable prototype of their winning concept.

The results of our EPS Design Competition far exceeded our expectations.

“These product prototypes demonstrate how the versatility of EPS and the expertise in our industry can be combined with outstanding design to produce creative new concepts,” says Tony Pruchniewicz, Chairman of the BPF’s EPS Packaging Group.

“The results of our EPS Design Competition far exceeded our expectations. Our industry has been thrilled to see how imaginatively designers have worked with this material that is mostly known for providing protective or insulating packaging.

“Our stand was constantly buzzing with interested visitors – and all left with a new understanding of EPS and how it can be used to create new products and components,” concludes Pruchniewicz.

The EPS expanded polystyrene airpop stand at 100% Futures

The EPS stand at 100% Futures

The first EPS Design Competition was such a huge success that the organisers have decided to run another one. This time, the competition was launched in partnership with 100% Futures, who provided a free 9m2 stand at 100% Futures 2008 for the lucky winner.

“100% Futures is dedicated to supporting new, talented designers and to engaging designers in new ways,” explains Alice Brown, 100% Futures.

“The EPS Design Competition encourages designers to take a fresh look at a familiar material and it connects young designers with established manufacturers – both are key aims of 100% Futures,” continues Brown.

“We were very impressed by the outstanding results of the first EPS Design Competition and we wanted to help to keep the momentum rolling, so we offered to partner with the EPS Packaging Group for a second competition and we are giving a stand at 100% Futures 2008 as the prize.”