EPS applications

Building insulation

  • for insulation of the floors and walls

    board and shape moulded products

  • Below ground floor concrete slabs

    board products

  • Above concrete slabs

    board products

  • To insulate underfloor heating systems

    boards, laminated boards and shape moulded products

  • Infills for suspended beam systems

    profile cut and shape moulded products

  • Floating floors

    board products

  • External insulation ETICS

    board products

  • Cavity insulation partial fill

    board products

  • Cavity insulation full fill

    shape moulded products

  • Cavity insulation blown in bead

    pumped in bead fill

  • Internal insulation

    board products or plasterboard laminate

  • Insulated formwork

    systems using moulded products

    Pitched roofs
  • Composite roof elements

    structural composite panels

  • Sarking boards

    board products

  • Between rafters

    compressible and plain board products

  • Below rafters

    board products

    Flat roofs
  • Below asphalt or bitumen

    laminated boards in

  • weatherproofing

    cut tofalls or uniform thicknesses

  • Below single ply membranes

    plain or laminated boards in cut to falls or uniform thicknesses